The MEKO A-100 is a class of multi-role corvettes developed by Blohm & Voss as a successor to the 1980s-era MEKO 140 design. It is one of the two main surface combatants of the Federal Army Navy, along with its larger counterpart, the MEKO A-200 frigate MEKO A-100 patrol corvette is a lighter and more compact version of MEKO A-200 frigate with the length of 98m. It is fitted with four-dimensional warfare weapons, sensors, C³I combat system, and biological and chemical warfare (BCW) suite for a light frigate-sized vessel and up to two 10t helicopters. Powered by a two-shaft CPP CODAD propulsion system, the corvette offers a speed of 28k and a. MEKO® A-100 Corvette and MEKO® A-100 Light Frigate. Fighting Versatility The MEKO ® A-100 Light Frigate is a compact fighting ship capable of full 4-dimensional warfare, and fits a comprehensive suite of C³ and sensors and effectors, including 16 x VL SAM cells for up to a 64 missile load.. Seakeeping The wide beam of 16 m, elevated and enclosed forecastle, storm bow, and extended. Germany's MEKO A100 Won the Brazilian Navy Tamandaré Corvette Competition The Águas Azuis Consortium, formed by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), Embraer Defense & Security and Atech, was selected by the Brazilian Navy for the construction of four surface combatants as part of the Tamandaré Corvettes Class Program as preferred bidder

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  1. SHAH ALAM: Meko A100 corvette. As we were busy with LIMA 19, Brazil announced in late March that it had chosen a German/Brazilian consortium as the preferred bidder to build four corvettes for its navy. The consortium Águas Azuis Consortium - comprising ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, Embraer Defense & Security and
  2. MEKO ist eine Marke der deutschen ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems für eine Reihe von Kriegsschiffen. Im Mai 2015 hat sich die israelische Marine für den Bau von vier MEKO-A100-Korvetten entschieden. Die Schiffe der Sa'ar-6-Klasse sollen in Deutschland gebaut und ab 2019 in Dienst gestellt werden. 2018 begann der Bau. Im Januar 2016 wurde bekannt, dass Algerien zwei Fregatten vom Typ MEKO 1.
  3. Design of Future TKMS Built Saar 6 MEKO A100 Corvettes for Israeli Navy Unveiled. Israeli web portal Walla! recently published an interview with the head of the Israeli Navy's equipment division, Moshe Zana, who provided some details on the SAAR 6 vessel project ordered from Germany. Speaking during the Israel Air Force ceremony on December.
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  5. In focus - the MEKO A-200 Type 31e frigate candidate. The Atlas Elektronik UK bid for the Type 31e frigate programme is based on the MEKO A-200 frigate. Although perhaps seen as the outsider of the 3 candidates, the A-200 design has several unique and innovative features that make it a very credible contender for the Royal Navy's requirements
  6. KD Kadah MEKO 100 Patrol Vessel. New Generation Patrol Vessel (NGPV) In Malaysia, protracted negotiations surrounding the plan to construct up to 27 Blohm+Voss MEKO A100 light frigates finally.
  7. MEKO® A-200 Frigate. Workhorses of the sea, the MEKO ® A-200 Frigate, follows the famous MEKO ® 200 series general purpose frigates from the thyssenkrupp stable. A fighting ship capable of full 4-dimensional warfare (AAW, ASW and ASuW, BCW), the MEKO ® A-200 Frigate is also designed for sustained operations across the full spectrum of general missions and tasks: patrol and interdiction.

The generic MEKO A-100 corvette design (scale model at the bottom) and the new variant with energy saving hull design (image at the top). Poland has expressed a future need for six Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV) in two configurations: a mine warfare configuration and a coastal defence variant (three vessels in each variant) with significant combat capabilities in all four domains (anti-air. The Kedah-class offshore patrol vessels of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) are six ships based on the MEKO 100 design by Blohm + Voss.Originally, a total of 27 ships were planned, but due to programme delays and overruns, only six were eventually ordered. Their construction began in the early 2000s, and by 2009, all six were in active service

MEKO A100 für die Ostsee die bessere Wahl . RE: European Patrol Corvette (EPC) - Helios - 20.05.2020 Wenn hier schon Neuigkeiten zur EPC verlinkt werden, kann ich dieses Thema auch gleich mit dem EPC-Thema zusammenführen. Es gibt nicht die A100, genau darum geht es ja bei dem Konzept MEKO, die Demoentwürfe sind jeweils nur der Ausgangspunkt. Ein hoher Grad an Flexibilität je nach. Die MEKO Familie von Kriegsschiffen wurde von der deutschen Firma entwickelt Blohm + Voss. MEKO ist ein eingetragenes Warenzeichen. Das Portmanteau steht für Me hrzweck- Ko mbination . Es ist ein Konzept im modernen Marineschiffbau, das auf der Modularität von Bewaffnung, Elektronik und anderer Ausrüstung basiert und auf Wartungsfreundlichkeit und Kostenreduzierung abzielt The winning consortium proposed the German MEKO A100 design for the corvettes which are set to carry MBDA's SeaCeptor air defense missile system. With thyssenkrupp Marine Systems at the helm, the Águas Azuis consortium will now form a SPC (Specific Purpose Company) for the implementation phase of the program. The ships will be built under a transfer of technology agreement. Oceana Shipyard. Zur Auswahl stehen nach Angaben des Spiegel Schiffe vom Typ MEKO A100 oder MEKO CSL. Beide sind in der Lage, feindliche Schiffe, Flugzeuge, Hubschrauber und Bodenziele über große. Vessels of similar classes use different weapons systems. For example, for the main gun, some MEKO 200s use the Mk 45 Mod 2 gun, others use the French 100 mm naval gun or Otobreda 76 mm gun. The latest variant is.

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