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ffmpeg. FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec - the leading audio/video codec library. More information from SynoCommunity FFmpeg package available at https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/wiki/FAQ-FFmpeg Hier sollte eine Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu Kein Ffmpeg bei synocommunity? Ersteller Scylor; Erstellt am 06. Jan 2018; Startseite. Foren. Supportforen für Anwendungen. Sonstiges. FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec - the leading audio/video codec library. More information from SynoCommunity FFmpeg package available at https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/wiki/FAQ-FFmpeg ffmpeg from SynoCommunity output files with root as owner. I use ffmpeg to convert and split some media files, but the output files have owner set to root, and I can't figure out why. If I run the official (but very oild) ffmpeg application, it outputs files with my user as owner. /bin/ffmpeg -i ~/input.mkv -c copy -map 0 -segment_time 00:02:00.

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  1. FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. It includes libavcodec - the leading audio/video codec library. More information from SynoCommunity FFmpeg package available at https://github.com/SynoCommunity/spksrc/wiki/FAQ-FFmpeg. fish Version : 3.2.2-3
  2. _Package Name:ffmpeg _Package Version:v3.3.3-7. _NAS Model:DS918+ _NAS Architecture:Apollolake _DSM version: 6.1.4 and 6.2. Expected behavior. Support for DS918+ with Apollolake architecture in ffmpeg package. Actual behavior. No ffmpeg package available for DS918+ Notes. looking for a community ffmpeg package for DTS support, Tool chains
  3. SynoCommunity provides packages for Synology-branded NAS devices. Packages are provided for free and made by developers on their free time. See how you can contribute. Bandwidth and content delivery is generously provided and sponsored by . Only packages that are modified to be compatible with DSM7 by the associated developers can execute on DSM7.0. If not,the package cannot be able to function after upgrading from DSM6.2 to DSM7.0
  4. SynoCommunity. Solltet Ihr über das DSM-Paketzentrum mal eines dieser Pakete nicht finden, dann hat der Entwickler dieses wahrscheinlich als private beta gekennzeichnet! Private beta Pakete sind Pakete die sich momentan in der Weiterentwicklungs bzw. Testphase befinden und deshalb nicht für die Öffentlichkeit zugänglich sind

SynoCommunity ffmpeg 4.2.1-23 (and above) Instructions. Check that you meet the required dependencies; Install SynoCommunity ffmpeg ; Connect to your NAS using SSH (admin user required) Use the command sudo -i to switch to root user; Use the following command (Basic command) to execute the patc No it will use the bundled ffmpeg. It won't even be able to find the ffmpeg from the SynoCommunity. In the case of Synology it will be a special version lacking functionality like eac audio because Synology did not buy the license from Dolby

Package Name: ffmpeg Package Version: 4.3.1-35. NAS Model: DS118 NAS Architecture: ARMv8 DSM version: 6.2.4-25556. Expected behavior. MPEG dash (Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP) is now a very established approach of enabling high quality streaming of media content over the Internet and is used by various organizations for radio broadcasting. I was under the impression that ffmpeg now supports MPEG dash, but nothing seems to occur when I attempt to play an mpeg dash audio stream with. Synocommunity is migrating its website. Atm eta was today, but looks like it will take some more time 1. Update to latest git version ce09077 as of July 13th 2020<br/>2. Enable Intel VAAPI on Intel platforms<br/>3. Disable bintray cache<br/>4. Enable tracing<br/>5. Enable pngquant<br/>6. Enable libtheora<br/>7. Enable fdk-acc<br/>8. Enable re-using FFMPEG media and vaapi shared librairies<br/>9. Update to ffmpeg 4.2.4 Date 2020-08-07 03:30:07.24056 ImageMagick doesn't show up there and I can't find the .spk file on Synocommunity. I've checked on SynoCommunity site and ArmadaXP is supported, so I don't know why I can't see it. I've already deleted and added back SynoCommunity from the sources Deinstalled the lot, including ffmpeg. I couldn't find the current Synocommunity ffmpeg spk file but got an older version. Did the install. No transcoding. In disgust went and listened to my system using flac. Wasn't terribly happy so a bit latter I rechecked Package manager, which was now working and told me an newer version of the Synocommunity ffmpeg package was available, installed and.

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How can I get Synocommunity's FFMPEG onto my DS1813+? It doesn't seem to show up in my community packages in package manager... EDIT: fixed DS version. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log In Sign Up. User account menu. 1. Synocommunity FFMPEG. Close. 1. Posted by 5 years ago. Archived. Synocommunity FFMPEG. How can I get. Option 4: Install ffmpeg from SynoCommunity Repo and be happy about DTS support. N. Nikola @nikola. May 16, 2019 Toggle Dropdown. Report; 1. Now I need to hack around Synology 2. Installing ffmpeg doesn't work anymore, without fiddling with getting old versions of Video Station and installing manually Synology just became an expensive PC . T. ThomasB @654653213. Jul 31, 2020 Toggle Dropdown. On another forum someone suggested installing ffmpeg from the SynoCommunity packages, but it isnt available for me. Hardware: DS418play If anyone can help it would be most appreciated. Responses (1-8) Sorted by. Oldest Latest Most likes Most comments h. has30 @has30* Apr 12, 2018 0 Likes. Toggle Dropdown. Report; Comment. h. has30 @has30* Apr 12, 2018 0 Likes. Toggle Dropdown. Report; any help. You can use it either through ffmpeg or directly through the command line utility. As for exiftool, it is not currently packaged but feel free to provide code so we can create a package with or add to existing. Also note that ffmpeg does allow playing with metadata to some degree so you may be able to make some mileage there? Hope this help.


  1. al still reports FFMPEG v2.7.1. which ffmpeg outputs /bin/ffmpeg. I'm not sure if this is where package center installs are supposed to go
  2. Synology and SynoCommunity Package Architectures. This list is adopted from the one found on the Synology Wiki showing the CPU Models of current Synology Models. Similar CPU Models are shown here on the same line disregarding specific Cores/Threads and Diskstation Model specific RAM
  3. Mit dem Apollo Lake ffmpeg Paket von Cytek spielt sie nun DTS-Tonspuren ab, allerdings kein 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio bzw BLEIBT BEIM LADEN HÄNGEN, dabei ist die CPU Auslastung gegen null. Ohne ffmpeg wird sofort Audiospur wird nicht unterstützt angezeigt, mit ffmpeg lädt es einfach nur Ewigkeiten und die Wiedergabe startet nicht

Transcodierung? synocommunity ffmpeg? Videostation API keys? Support? DSM 7? Hyperbackup? Irgendwie läuft da derzeit alles schief was schiefgehen kann. Toggle signature. DS-110j - [HDD: Western Digital Red WD20EFRX] [Surveillance Station] - EOL DS-112 - [HDD: HGST Deskstar NAS 4TB] - EOL DS-214play - [HDD: 2x Seagate Ironwolf 10TB] [Backup: 2x WD Red WD60EFRX 6TB; 2x WD My Book 25DA (WD Blue. it look like need older video station with ffmpeg synocommunity package. Comment. B. BigJArm @bigjarm* Nov 02, 2017 0 Likes. Toggle Dropdown. Report; Thanks for the link. That fixed DTS, but not EAC3, don't think there is a fix for that other than not use files that have that audio codec. Comment . h. Saw something on Synocommunity, maybe asking them for help? This may be the safety design of Synology 7.0. Same Problem. Says ffmpeg requiring root access and DSM 7 wont allow that Hallo, ich bin ganz neu hier aber habe mich mal am Einrichten von TVHeadend versucht. Ich habe TVHeadend auf einer Synology NAS installiert, ffmpeg ist ebenfalls installiert. Beides habe ich aus den Paketquellen der SynoCommunity heruntergeladen

Synocommunity seems to migrate their servers and I cannot add any packages. Do you have some backup repository where I could DL synocommunity packages? I tried the packages from Super Zebulon but they cannot run... Before to move from ESXI to HyperV, Synocommunity packages were working fine. Thanks - Als erstes habe ich ffmpeg auf meinem RaspberryPi3 installiert, einfach so im laufenden Prozess der Homebridge. - Dann habe ich das folgende Plugin Installiert: Homebridge-ip-camera - Jetzt geht ihr in eure Synology Surveillance Station auf die IP Kamera und drückt die rechte Maustaste, dort erhaltet ihr den Befehl: Stream-Pfad freigeben. Diesen Link kopieren und in ein leeres. It is highly recommended to install the FFmpeg community package. BubbleUPnP Server will detect it and automatically make use of its ffmpeg binaries. DSM 7 # Synology changed the format of package for DSM 7. There is no plan for a DSM 7 package at this time. However, if your Syno NAS supports it, you can run BubbleUPnP Server via Docker Auf packages.synocommunity.com existiert eine ffmpeg Version 3.4.1-9 zum herunterladen. Die in Deinem Link angegebene Version ist 1.0-0005. Ist die Version aus der Paketquelle eine neuere, oder ist beides inhaltlich etwas unterschiedliches ? Sollte man die 3.x installieren ? Martin Weber sagt: 20.04.2018 um 16:55 Uhr. Hallo Ulrich, ich denke die 1.0-xxxx bezieht sich auf ffmpeg mit DTS. Is Synology ever going to allow Video Station to work again with the synocommunity ffmpeg? This is getting me down. I want to avoid Plex as much as possible, since I got the DS918+ to stay in house, and avoid the third party cloud solutions such as plex wherever possible. I completely understand synology removing native support of copyrighted codecs (EAC3), but I don't get why they stopped the.

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The issue with this (SynoCommunity) version of Mono has been reported by some users and notably on your hardware. I downloaded ffmpeg_x64-5.1_2.6-3.spk for my DS216+ which has an Intel Braswell CPU. edit: added uname -a output. root@NAS2:~# uname -a Linux NAS2 3.10.77 #7321 SMP Mon Apr 25 15:58:40 CST 2016 x86_64 GNU/Linux synology_braswell_216+ Edited June 6, 2016 by wout. Link to post. If someone is interested, I made a patcher to enable DTS, TrueHD and EAC3 transcoding on VideoStation using a wrapper (ffmpeg from synocommunity), you can find it and all the installation steps on this repository: GitHub - AlexPresso/VideoStation-FFMPEG-Patcher: Patcher to enable DTS, EAC3 and TrueHD support to Synology VideoStation (DSM 7.0 ready) Reactions: Rusty. Create an account or . The Synocommunity package just bundles the necessary system calls in a fancy GUI and wraps it all up in a package. In a way this is overcomplicating things, because now you also need to stay compatible to the Synology API (and depend on it) for both the GUI and chroot to work. It is partly because of these dependencies the package breaks on some systems and just does not work on others. If you. _Package Name: ffmpeg _Package Version: v3.3.3-7. _NAS Model: DS218play _NAS Architecture: rtd1296 _DSM version: 6.1.3. Expected behavior. Support for DS218play with rtd1296 architecture in ffmpeg package. Actual behavior . No ffmpeg package available for DS218play. Notes. Im looking for a community ffmpeg package for DTS support. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time. I also assume I need to install the x64 modules for ffmpeg and emby. Just trying to verify so I can make sure I don't mess thing's up. Thx. Link to post Share on other sites. Luke 27519 Posted May 5, 2015. Luke. System Architect; Administrators; 27519 3019 182362 posts; Share; Posted May 5, 2015. Which ImageMagick do I need to install for DS1515+, INTEL Atom C2538 processor? Really want to see.

# if you want to use an ffmpeg version from the SynoCommunity use this: # First read the information from the video with ffmpeg. # ffmpeg writes this info to the stderr and not to stdout. Cmd = [ffmpeg, '-i', filePath] Merge = Popen (Cmd, stdout = PIPE, stderr = PIPE) # After the command is prepared we execute it and wait for it to finish with the communicate command. output, err = Merge.

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Now it stopped working.There is no FFMPEG package for my nas so I ended up editing the dependencies of the info file of the emby_armada375 package to remove the FFMPEG dependencies. I have been using it in that way in kodi for quite some time. So in theory FFMPEG is not mandatory if you are playing the files in kodi through a direct network link. So would it be possible for me to run this new. FFMPEG version vs audio quality. 07-02-2020, 16:54 . Post: #1. Jeffry67 Junior Member: Posts: 11 Joined: Jan 2019 Reputation: 1: FFMPEG version vs audio quality. I have everthing running fine with the synocommunity mono. However the Synology version just appeared and I wondered if it was different in some way (or was an older version of mono). As it is still a beta and the setup is still quite complicated (ie it isn't just download and install the emby package) I have not upgraded emby (also is there a later package?) Link to post Share on other sites. Друзья, как-то не заметил как отвалилось воспроизведение видосов в браузере. dsm пишет: Музыка или видео не воспроизводятся или отображаются неверно, поскольку необходимый кодек активирован неверно Steps to reproduce. I am using Fedora FC34 as Host. I installed docker and installed spksrc environment Install spksrc environment. : docker pull synocommunity/spksrc Run spksrc environment: docker run -it -v ~/spksrc:/spksrc synocommunity/spksrc /bin/bash Compile sslh in /spksrc/spksrc/spk/sslh with make arch-apollolake-7. Compilation went.

For new Package Requests, see the guidelines. Setup. Package Name: transmission Package Version: 3.0 NAS Model: synology NAS Architecture: 920+ DSM version: 7.0 Expected behavior. No root permission for installation and running Will the software support 7.0 Hi, I removed the faulty i915 drivers from extra, you can download and test it here. hw transcoding is working but performance is low on both videostation and plex but I dont think is related to the loader. on ASRock j4205-ITX you have to unplug any monitor before using hw transcoding otherwise t.. Also installed on the NAS is SynoCommunity's take of ffmpeg (Version 4.3.1-35). Alongside my NAS is a pi/DAC MoodeAudio (version 7.1.0) set up presently running MiniDLNA as another server, though I'd like to start using uprcl, a media server forming part of upmpdcli. Hence, there's two device that I've attempted to listen to BBC's MPEG Dash streams, Moode Audio acting as OpenHome. Ich hab auch gelesen das es mit FFMpeg gehen soll, allerdings funktioniert es bei mir nicht. Ich habe mehrere versionen ausprobiert aber es hat nicht funkioniert. Deshalb wollte ich mal fragen ob es überhaupt möglich ist mit der genannten Hard & Software. Das Board ist ein Gigabyte GA-J3455N-D3H und ich Benutze es mit DSM 6.1.4 U2 (DS916+

SynoCommunity/spksrc. Answer questions hgy59. duplicate of #4235 and #2506. useful! Related questions. Hass.io: Update to Home Assistant Core 0.118.5 fails hot 20. Radarr upgrade to V3 reports incorrect service startup on Synology hot 10 [TVheadend] tv_grab_file is not listed in the EPG Grabber Modules hot 6. Can't start transmission on DSM7.0 - spksrc hot 3 [Question] tic command line tool. Synocommunity's ffmpeg-3.3.3-7 is compiled depends on DSM 5.2 toolchains and can't run correctly on DSM 6.1, so I cloned the spksrc and recompiled ffmpeg 3.3.3 depends on DSM6.1 toolchains (arch is braswell, eg: DS916+)

矿神群晖spk套件中心dsm7. Synocommunity packages. Zeus Hydratech supplies hydraulic components, repairs, system design, servicing and CAD drawing facilities to assist with your complete Hydraulic Project. Synocommunity packages. SERVER Please enter passphrase for disk XXX (sda6_crypt): CLIENT ssh -vv [email protected]. Hi @m95341175, please adjust your tone as replies as such are not acceptable. Please be mindful that we are a group of volunteer developers doing our best to package free software onto Synology NAS. As for flac, it is package and part of current ffmpeg


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I did some experimentation, I have replaced the ffmpeg binary with one that work on my system so now it launches ffmpeg but failed with Output file #0 does not contain any stream as you can see in the attached file. And if I remove the parameter -an from the command, it works ! ffmpeg-transcode-53ef98df-04f1-4d21-b175-5fbf383ae32e_1.tx 点开设置. 选择套件来源. 点击新增. 填写套件的名称和位置(名称可以自己定义). 点击确定. 然后在套件中心的浏览会看到多出一栏社群,点击就能看到来自第三方源的套件。. 第三方源地址. 以下信息整理自q&d,其中提到一个页面第三方源运行时间也是非常有 本篇针对 DSM 6.2.4 和 DSM 7.0,介绍在新系统中继续通过第三方 ffmpeg 播放 DTS 音轨的办法 因此得知群晖不能解码DTS的时候并没有吃惊,但是从PT下载的多为蓝光盘原盘,很多压制也是直接使用全盘的5.1音效,并不对音频进行二次处理,这就导致了使用Video Station时无法播放DTS的内容。. 回到主题,群晖播放DTS不是没有可能,而是需要借助软件,ffmpeg,但. SynoCommunity; 7 k Pays / Ville: Très loin; Partager; Posté(e) le 29 juin (modifié) Pour les plus Quelqu'un peut-il confirmer que le paquet FFmpeg fonctionne sous DSM 7 svp. Pas uniquement s'il apparait dans la liste mais si il s'installe et fonctionne. Merci 0. Citer; Lien vers le commentaire Partager sur d'autres sites. More sharing options... MilesTEG1. Posté(e) le 29 juin.

Mit dem letzten Update von Video Station hat Synology ja den Workaround für DTS-Tonspuren via FFmpeg rausgekachelt, womit man nun auf AAC, AC-3 oder MP3 beim Ton beschränkt ist. Aber zum Glück. SynoCommunity のパッケージを使えるようにするのは、SynoCommunityサイトのトップページに書いてあるとおりで、ごく簡単。. あとは、通常通りパッケージマネージャーから ffmpeg をインストール。. インストールした ffmpeg がどのパスに入ったのか行方不明になっ. Pour des raisons purement pratiques, j'utilise DS Video sur iPhone, iPad et Smart TV Samsung, à partir de mon DS415play (sous DSM 6.2.2 équipé de FFMPEG 4.1-11). Concernant la lecture de vidéos en DTS, tout fonctionne bien, à part ces détails 群晖video station这个套件现在经过群晖的打磨,现在还是不错的,支持硬件解码和蓝光等多媒体播放,比起PLEX和EMBY动辄好几百的会员费,这个免费的用起来还真香,但是因为种种小问题需要解决了,才能好用,其问题大致有以下几点:1、因为被墙无法获取海报(群晖Video station搜刮器thetvdb)2、没有配套.

  1. Synology NAS DSM 6, Synocommunity 패키지 센터에서 설치한 ffmpeg 4.2.2 버전에서 시험했다. mp4 파일을 합치는데는 아래 2줄만 있으면 된다. 아래 코드에서 log를 저장할 cachepath와 ffmpeg가 설치된 rootpath 부분을 수정한 후 merge.sh로 저장한다. 로 실행하면, /VR 폴더 아래의 모든.
  2. 시놀로지 나스(Synology Nas)의 비디오 스테이션(Video Station)에선 라이선스 문제 때문에 DTS, EAC3, TrueHD 영상을 재생할 수 없다. FFmpeg 패키지를 설치하는 방법 역시 비디오 스테이션 2.3.4 버전 이상으로.
  3. En standard, les NAS Synology proposent des paquets officiels, c'est à dire des logiciels estampillés Synology ou bien ceux d'éditeurs tiers agréés. Il est toutefois possible de décupler les fonctionnalités de son NAS avec des paquets additionnels de la communauté. J'ai décidé de remettre cet article au goût du jour pour DSM 7.0 avec les dernières source
  4. 群晖套件中心-社群-ffmpeg回来了,前阵子有人在问这个,发出来让大家知道一下,下载进度比以前慢了好多,感觉软件大了...,电脑讨论,讨论区-技术与经验的讨论 ,Chiphell - 分享与交流用户体
  5. Bonjour, J'utilise parfois Video station et je ne peux pas lire certains formats audio à partir du paquet Video station. L'appli DS Video installée sur ma TV android peut les lire sans soucis en lançant un autre lecteur ?? ce qui est une bonne chose , mais je voudrais savoir si il est possible d'ajouter quelque chose dans le NAS afin que Video station devienne plus bavard

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ffmpeg is een standaard onderdeel van DSM. Dus als je alleen ffmpeg nodig hebt staat dat al op je NAS. Wat Martijn een tijdje gehost heeft was een chinese hack die ffmpeg geschikt maakte om DTS te ondersteunen. Hij heeft hem eraf gehaalt omdat het regelmatig problemen met installatie gaf, die hij ook niet kon oplossen Desde hace más de cuatro años centralizo mis copias de seguridad en un DS411j de Synology (producto ya descatalogado y sustituido por el DS414j.Se trata de un NAS de 4 bahías (de las que tengo ocupadas sólo tres con discos de 2 Teras en RAID5) y que poco a poco se ha convertido en un elemento indispensable para muchas otras tareas aparte de las mencionadas copias Gerade hab ich beim Stöbern im Paketzentrum meiner DiskStation eine erfreuliche Entdeckung gemacht: der von anderen Linux-Systemen bekannte Editor nano lässt sich nun ganz einfach über das Paketzentrum installieren. So kommen endlich auch all diejenigen in den Genuss dieses superfunktionalen Editors, die kein iPKG auf dem NAS installiert haben, und ersparen sich so das umständliche. 之後在「常規」選項卡中找到信任層級,選擇「任何發行者」後點擊確定,完成社群源 synocommunity 的新增。 之後在「套件中心」-「社群」中找到套件「ffmpeg」,然後點選安裝。由於 ffmpeg 本身比較大,所以安裝時間會比較長。.

시놀로지 비디오스테이션(Video Station)에서 동영상이 재생되지 않을때 해결하는 방법

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安装 ffmpeg. 在刚刚添加的第三方套件源中找到 ffmpeg 进行安装。. 方案一(不推荐). Video Station 降级. 首先在套件中心卸载最新版的 Video Station; 然后下载 video station 2.3.4-1468 版本手动安装;. 安装后保持当前版本不要升级。. 安装后打开 Video Station 就可以播放 DTS 和. 去年五月我曾介绍过如何通过安装第三方 ffmpeg 套件来实现专利音轨播放的方法,当时的技巧仅适用于 DSM 6.2.3 之前的系统。近期群晖悄然升级至 DSM 6.2.4 并加入了诸多 DSM 7.0 的系统功能特性,同时也让此前的播放专利音轨的小技巧完全失效。 所以本篇就针对 DSM 6.2.4 和 DSM 7.0,介绍在新系统中继续. 目录一、前言二、实现1、下载ffmpeg的DTS支持包2、安装ffmpeg3、使用新的ffmpeg覆盖默认版本4、开启DTS支持5、可能存在的问题与解决办法三、惯例一、前言最近突然在网上找到了一篇文件提供了DTS音轨的支持方法。于是去尝试了一下,居然真行。于是参考原文整理了本篇DS Vide ffmpeg 3.1.2, DSM 6.0可用, DTS可以放了(synocommunity.com上发布了) [复制链接 sonhc 2021.04.16 06:43 신고 댓글주소 수정/삭제 댓글쓰기. 최신 DSM 6.2.4-25556 에서는 Synology Moments 및 Advanced Media Extensions가 ffmpeg 응용 프로그램의 호출을 방해해서 ffmpeg가 동작하지 않는 이슈가 있습니다

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使用新的ffmpeg覆盖默认版本. 安装完成之后就需要通过命令的方式来用我们新安装的版本覆盖默认的ffmpeg版本了。. 这里就需要通过ssh连接到群辉。. 同时需要切换到root用户下。. 切换方式之前的文章也提到过。. 就是执行sudo -i操作即可。. 然后再root用户下执行. 人的成长需要岁月的洗礼,圣贤之人的话只是提前在你心中打下烙印,等你经历过了,才会幡然醒悟。 2021-08-13 15:55 相比认识一个人,告别一个人往往更加困难。 2021-08-03 17:41 如果喜欢是想要占有的偏执,爱就是想触碰却又收回手的克制。 我并不奢望有一天能站在你身边,我只想让你知道,你的. Như vậy chúng ta đã hoàn thành việc cài đặt gói phần mềm ffmpeg cho thiết bị NAS. Xem hỗ trợ định dạng của NAS bằng cách nhấn vào link. Dưới đây là một số dòng NAS không tương thích với ffmpeg (cập nhật ngày 9/1/2018) DS118. DS216J DSM 6.1. DS214 Play, latest DSM software version. 黑群晖Moments视频无缩略图,安装第三方ffmpeg解决 CSDN 发表于 2021/01/07 20:36:02 2021/01/07 【摘要】 群晖moments的手机照片、视频同步带给人极大的方便,但是囊中羞涩买不起正版的群晖的而玩黑群晖的必定经历过Moments视频不显示缩略图的苦恼,小编搜遍全网,比对发现安装第三方FFmpeg是最快的解决方法 因为某些原因,群晖后续的videostaion版本并不支持DTS、EAC3解码,即使你安装了最新的ffmpeg版本依然如此,这个问题也同样困扰了我很久,经过多方查找终于找到解决方案,卸载新版本videostation,安装旧版本,然后安装ffmpeg,问题可以完美解决。现将相关的软件分享下,大家可以手动..

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结合ffmpeg让群辉 NAS 的 Video Station 正确获取元数据、支持 DTS 音轨. 除了备份存储数据,很多人购买 NAS 的目的是搭建家庭媒体中心。. 群辉 NAS 提供了一些第一方的软件来实现这个功能,比如管理数字音乐可以使用 Music station,而管理本地下载的视频、电影或者是. 蜗牛星际装了黑群晖,下了几部蓝光电影,播放的时候确显示不支持当前所选音频的文件格式,因此无法播放视频。请尝试其它音轨,确定其是否支持。经过查询得知这两个音轨是需要授权使用的,群晖应该没有给授权费,所以在后续的 Video Station 版本中禁用了这些音轨

How to enable DTS support on Synology – CostigatorNAS入門推薦,群暉DS720+搭配希捷酷狼Pro體驗-科技新聞-新浪新聞中心